jQuery Animation

1-day Web Design Course in jQuery Animation — JQUERY-05

jQuery Web Design TrainingCourse Overview

This jQuery course, teaches you how to enhance the user experience (UX) of your website — using jQuery to complement native CSS3 animation — e.g. to gracefully degrade CSS3 animations on browsers that lack support, and to progressively enhance sites which do not yet use CSS3.

Our highest priority is to help you design animations that work for users — and across all browsers or media (including mobile). We won't be teaching you how to irritate your customers with pointless graphic distractions, tiresome downloads, or processor-consuming bloat.

So, for instance, when we teach you how to animate drop-down menus, navigation tabs, slide shows, or accordion-style sections and forms, we'll start from a CSS3 foundation which doesn't take control away from the user and doesn't interfere with basic page readability or usability — then we'll add jQuery animation conditionally, i.e. only for those users and visual browsers that need it, leaving non-visual and advanced browsers untouched.

All designs used in this jQuery animations course are web-standards compatible and fully accessible. So, it should be as useful for those working in 'conservative' design environments, as it will be for developers who are wrangling with bleeding-edge CSS3.

jQuery Web Design TrainingCourse Contents

Full details coming soon

jQuery Web Design TrainingFurther Details

Target Audience

  • Experienced web designers
  • Graphic designers with web design responsibilities

Training Pre-requisites

The following 2-day courses — or equivalent knowledge and experience:

Some knowledge of CSS3 animations, or HTML5 coding would definitely be handy, but neither is required.

Training Style

This jQuery training course, is instructor-led, with hands-on, practical, exercises.