jQuery Form Design

1-day Web Design Course in jQuery for HTML5 Forms — JQUERY-04

jQuery Web Design TrainingCourse Overview

jQuery course, teaches you how to progressively enhance and gracefully degrade web form designs — with a particular eye on maximising cross-browser usability and accessibility. In keeping with those principles, its first priority is to design HTML forms that work across all mobile and static media — everything else builds on that.

Unlike some jQuery courses, this one uses jQuery to support:

  • Native HTML5/CSS3 web forms and responsive web design
  • Easier migration to HTML5/CSS3 — when you are ready

So, for example, when jQuery duplicates native form design features in HTML5 and CSS3, we will point that out, and explain how to use jQuery as an enhancement, — rather than treat the two approaches as a mutually exclusive.

As a consequence, this web forms design course will suit designers working in 'conservative' development environments, as well as it does those working in cutting-edge HTML5.

This course supports (W3C) web standards, and is designed to complement our conventional web forms, CSS3 forms and HTML5 forms courses.

jQuery Web Design TrainingCourse Contents

Full details coming soon

jQuery Web Design TrainingFurther Details

Target Audience

  • Experienced web designers
  • Experienced web developers
  • Web Form designers and developers

Training Pre-requisites

The following 2-day courses — or equivalent knowledge and experience:

Some experience of CSS3 and HTML5 would be nice, but neither is required.

Training Style

This jQuery training course, is instructor-led, with hands-on, practical, exercises.