Advanced JavaScript

2-day Advanced JavaScript Web Design Course — JS-03

Advanced JavaScript Web Design TrainingCourse Overview

The course is designed to build upon what is covered in the JavaScript Essentials course. However there is a rapid review to bring all delegates up to a starting standard; experience has shown that even experienced users will have not picked up on a few points.

Advanced JavaScript Web Design TrainingCourse Contents

Review of JavaScript basics

  • Variables: declaration
  • Types: numeric, boolean, strings, template literals,…
  • Operators: the different ones, precedence, associativity
  • Control structures: if, while,…
  • Functions: declaration, anonymous,…
  • Arrays & objects for data storage
  • Debugging in a browser
  • Use of Node.js for testing


  • Variables: scope, const
  • Type conversion
  • Properties and methods for the basic types
  • void operator
  • yeild
  • Built in objects
  • NaN, Infinity, undefined; typeof operator, testing undefined
  • Bitwise operators
  • Destructuring assignment
  • Typed arrays
  • delete
  • Dates
  • Error handling: try/catch/throw/finally
  • eval()
  • Strict mode
  • Reserved words
  • Order of execution
  • export
  • Sets and Maps
  • Functions: default parameter values; the rest parameter, the arguments object

Regular expressions

  • Character classes
  • Repetitions
  • Matching, capturing, replacing
  • RegExp object methods
  • Modifiers
  • Examples for use in validation


  • JSON
  • Differences between ECMAscript 5 and 6
  • Deprecated features
  • Unicode


  • Creating object methods
  • this variable
  • closures
  • Private & static methods
  • Extending classes
  • Inheritance, the prototype chain
  • instanceof
  • Iterable objects, forof
  • Getter and setters

The JavaScript environment

  • Browsers: the BOM
  • Where to put in a web page, options
  • Additional reserved words in a browser
  • Node.js:
  • Additional reserved words in the Node.js environment
  • Modules in Node: require